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DANPALON is a unique patented glazing system that offers many advantages over alternative materials, including:

  • a unique snap-connection system and concealed fasteners that ensures:
    • 100% watertightness
    • high impact resistance (the only system compliant with AS1562-3)
    • free structural and thermal movement within a flexible system
    • significantly reduced substructure
    • quick and easy installation
    • no gaskets, sealants or silicone joints are required
    • no fixing penetrations through the sheet
  • 99.9% UV protection for protection against the harsh Australian climate
  • UV protection coating is co-extruded with the sheeting, eliminating any chance of delamination

The Danpalon daylighting system is manufactured from the highest quality polycarbonate. The product's performance is certified by rigorous testing from worldwide institutions. It offers a new concept in architectural glazing providing outstanding performance and flexibility in design. The system consists of a main panel with snap-on connecting profiles made of aluminium or polycarbonate. The use of stainless steel fasteners allow for thermal expansion and eliminates the need for penetrations through the sheet, hence the structure is 100% watertight.

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Danpalon Traditional Danpalon Lourve Danpalon Seamless Facades
Traditional Louvre Seamless Facades
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Bar Code Building Facades Merchant of Light

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