Products - Eco-cell Waterproof Board Applications

The main applications of ECOCELL are as follows: 


Media and advertising is a large industry and is growing all the time. Hence there is a requirement for different types of versatile materials. PVC Foam Sheets is one of these materials which is light in weight , very good for printing, flat for picture molding, highly resistant to flame and not affected by rain & moisture. Hence it is perfectly suited for this industry or rather we must say that it is invented for this industry. It is also very cost effective being very light and as it is available in many colours to avoid double printing costs.

Sign boards, letter displays, decoration of shops, windows, exhibition stands etc. 

Building sector 

Shop - fitting, interior decoration, zones of high humidity (bathroom etc.) air - conditioning and ventilation systems, heat and sound insulation, shutter ply etc. 


Benches, doors, windows, table, counters, cabinets, wardrobes, shelves, cots, dressing tables etc. 

Prefabricated Huts 

Instant solution for your need of Houses, Site Offices, Class Rooms, Bath Rooms, Hospitals, Camp Site , Terrace Rooms, Beach House, Security Rooms, Cellular Phone Shelter, Farm house etc. 

Electrical Engineering 

Switch cabinets, channels for cables & wires, control panels. 


Construction of containers, apparatus, models, equipment for photographic laboratories, electroplating, traffic signs, building site boards, dance floors, computer rooms etc. 

Surface finish 

Smooth glossy, semi glossy, matt printed and wood like veneer or marble and granite design etc. Specific colour or length or finish can be developed on request. 

Cold Storage 

Due to excellent thermal insulation property, resistant to water/ moisture and totally non ferrous surface, ECOCELL provides an ultimate material for cold storage and the food industry. 

Physical Specifications

Available in a vast array of colours i.e. super white, Ivory, grey etc. and in wood finish like King's Maple, French wild cherry, Plateau Mahogany, stone Oak, Elegant Walnut, etc.

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