Products - Eco-cell Waterproof Board Working Directions


can be easily and quickly worked with standard tools used for wood. It can be cut, turned, drilled, planned, milled, screwed, polished and much more. To prevent breaking and splintering the tools must be sharp, it is not necessary to cool the tools. One generally works at high cutting speed, low forward feed and low rate of cut. 


To some extent the ECOCELL sheets are suitable for Vacuum forming. Bending & folding can be easily done when heated up. 


 can be welded as per normal welding methods. But a lot of care should be taken otherwise the Foam might collapse. 


 sheets can be bonded to other material and to itself. Depending on the requirement and application, different types of adhesives can be used. When bonding to itself adhesives containing solvent-free polyurethane adhesives are suitable. 


Due to its smooth surface, ECOCELL can be easily painted and printed. The surface is ideal for screen-printing for which special inks are used. The surface should be clean for printing purpose. 

Fixing recommendations

 sheets are made of thermoplastic PVC and therefore vary more in length than e.g. timber or metal working materials. When installing screen-printed advertisement boards in e.g. Cricket stadium or when fixing curtain walling or cladding, a possible expansion of the sheets has always to be taken into consideration. The appropriate fixing depends on the type of applications. 

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