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Contemporary interiors and efficient furniture demand hard wearing, attractive materials that are flexible to use.  Our decorative laminates are well suited for such applications.  They are functional and versatile, high quality, highly resistant, tastefully designed and have a warm surface that is pleasing to touch.


Finishes - Feel a new sense of inspiration. Nouveau offers creative finishes attractive to your touch, that inspire your other senses too. Wood structures never looked so bold. Visible and touchable grains, products of a new technology with contrasting matte and gloss finishes, bring out the tones of these collections.


– Nouveau woodgrains mirror the natural counterpart.  Woods have been simulated from the original species, down to the smallest detail.  This process captures the beauty of domestic and exotic woods to combine the advantages of an extremely durable alternative surface and a material that is easy to work with.

Plain colours – The plain colour collection shows the most beautiful aspect of single tone.  Rich to delicate, from pale to strong…Light Beige through to Black, tastefully shaded.

Metals – A Metallic glint is often used to create an aesthetically pleasing effect.  To create this unique look we have combined a range of metals to supplement any specification.  Our collection shows how Mirror and Brushed Metals can add a sense of industry and glamour to any design.

Ganites and Marbles – To create new patterns, we gladly pick up natural stimuli. Or we simply let ourselves be led by fantasy. Inspired by stone, sand and fabric we develop artistic freedom to inspire new and modern designs.  Big scale granites make dramatic statements to any space showcasing the beautiful interplay of colours in the veins of a real slab.  Our big scale designs do not have pattern repetition used on traditional laminates, so you get real scale looks for unique and spectacular spaces.


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